Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stream Direct TV - Future of Online TV Has Arrived

Imagine if you could watch over 4500 channels of sports, business, news, sitcom, movie, pay-per-view, and adult content, uncensored and in high definition! Well, you can stop dreaming and live out your fantasies with Stream Direct TV!
Watch your favorite shows, movies, and more, uncut and in 1080p glory! Every explosion, hit, dunk, and breaking headline can be yours in startling clarity and with the best sound quality imaginable!

Stream Direct TV instantly streams over 4500 channels of high-definition content directly to your desktop or laptop. Take your favorites on the go! With region-free access Stream Direct is “on” 24/7, meaning the service is constantly streaming the latest and greatest content for your viewing pleasure from any part of the world!
You don’t have to worry about pesky cable receivers or satellite dishes ever again. All you need to get up and running with Stream Direct TV is a computer and an internet connection. Watch TV on demand!
You can also burn those pricey cable and satellite bills while you’re at it! Stream Direct TV has no subscription or user fees. There are also no bandwidth limits to ever worry about. All you need to do is pay a one –time only fee of $44.95 and you will receive unlimited, V.I.P. access to Stream Direct TVs media coverage and more for life!
Worried? Skeptical? How can this possibly be legal? Stream Direct TV is in full compliance with FTC and Free-to-Air (FTA) media standards. Thus, our service is fully legal and commissioned by all of the affiliated media sponsors and outlets. Stream Direct TV also comes with a 60-day, money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any aspects of its services or features.
Bored of watching the same old shows? You can turn that frown upside down because Stream Direct TV comes packaged with thousands of channels from 93 different countries, in 48 different languages. You get all the international shows and content you could ever want, uncensored, and in high-definition!
Stream Direct TV is also constantly updating its channel database and you will receive all of the additional channels, free-of-charge, for life!
For a limited time Stream Direct TV comes bundled with a free digital video recorder. You can use it to record live television as well as previously aired movies, sitcoms, sports events, and more! Watch your classics and highlight moments over and over again for as long as you want. What’s better, there are no bandwidth restrictions to worry about, so you can watch, pause, play, and record anything your heart desires as many times as you want!
This is it. Join the online revolution and be a part of the next wave of alternative digital media. Don’t delay, order Stream Direct TV today!

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