Friday, March 25, 2011

Stream Direct TV - Watch Full Movies on PC

Stream Direct TV  lives up to its namesake and then some. It allows you to stream every channel on the face of the earth, live, and in high-definition. We’re talking over 4500 hundred channels of uncensored, HD content from 93 countries and in 48 languages!

It is in full compliance with FTA and FTC standards and policies. It is a fully legal and safe digital service that allows you to watch every sitcom, movie, sports highlight, pay-per-view special event, and news and business feed on the globe in high-definition.

Kick those satellite dishes and cable receivers to the curb. With Stream Direct TV you only need an internet connection and a desktop or laptop to get instant access to over 4500 uncensored digital channels!

With region-free access and 24/7 connectivity you can watch what you want, when you want, on any site on the globe. On demand TV has just become a reality!

There are no recurring bills or subscription fees to ever worry about with it. Simply pay the one-time only fee of $44.95 and you will get unlimited, V.I.P access to everything it has to offer and more for life! That’s less than a month of cable or satellite service with 15 times as many channels!

Every major network is covered; including hundreds of exotic networks you’ve probably never heard of. Discover global television in all its diverse glory! Take advantage of our unlimited bandwidth and free digital video recorder.

The digital video recorder will allow you to pause, play, rewind, and record live television shows, events, and tons more to watch over and over again whenever you want! This offer is only available for the next 7 days however…

With no hardware to worry about, 4500+ HD channels of the latest and greatest channels, no monthly fees or bills to worry about, full-blown global access, unlimited bandwidth, and constantly updated features and channels, the world has never seen something on the lines of Stream Direct TV. The future of television has arrived. Don’t delay, order Stream Direct TV today!

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